In this age, a website for your business is considered a must-have. A website is supposed to widen the reach of your products and increase your sales. Our client therefore could not understand why after spending tens of thousands of shillings on a very attractive website and marketing it heavily on social media he was yet to see any growth in his sales.

We visited the website and could immediately identify the problem. After spending more than 10 minutes on the website, we still could not figure out how to contact the business if we needed further information. The solution we suggested was to implement a CallMeBack contact form connected to our EVA system. This form pops up when a visitor lands on the website and invites them to provide their name and number and receive a call back from a consultant.

It took less than 10 minutes to set up the CallMeBack form on the website and immediately we started seeing results. Our trained EVAs were notified by SMS as soon as a visitor made a request and they called them back to respond to their questions and sell the products on the website. 9/10 visitors who visited the website left their contact information. When EVAs called them back, 30% resulted in a sale. Our client has increased the conversions on his website from zero to more than twenty a day using EVA.

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