Our client runs a project management firm that employs ten office-based staff and thirty field staff. Several times a day the receptionist would get angry calls from customers who complained that field staff never picked their calls. . The receptionist also had to physically carry her phone to any of the office based staff when a call came through the office line. 70% of calls were never answered and the receptionist was stressed to the point she considered resigning.. They wanted to implement a switchboard and call management software but were shocked when they got a quotation for hundreds of thousands of shillings..

We sat with our client to understand the flow of telephone calls within the organization and developed a telephone organization chart. Using Genius Switch – the cloud-based office switchboard that is part of EVA we implemented a solution that cost less than KSh.10,000 to set up and less than KSh.5,000 monthly to run.

With Genius Switch, all office and field staff were encouraged to divert their office-based calls through to the switchboard number. This would then give the caller an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu to choose which department or specific caller they wished to speak to. It would then direct the call directly to the recipient’s mobile phone number. If there was no response the call would be handled by the receptionist or by our 24/7 trained call centre agents. Any messages were typed in and emailed to the recipient’s inbox for action. Additionally we gave our client the chance to record all calls on the switchboard to improve their customer service experience. In 3 days, our client had a fully-functional switchboard with less than 5% calls being dropped. Immediately they started receiving complements from their customers on how professional the company now sounded.

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