“I have collected over 1,000 business cards, all these could be potential clients but I don’t know where to start”. These were the words of one of our clients who was ready to launch a consultancy business and wanted to cold call contacts in his business cards to set up appointments.

We set out to create a customized telemarketing campaign for our client. We started first by understanding and defining his target market and the unique value he offered with the services he was selling. We agreed on how many meetings per day to set up for our client and at what time. We then developed a custom telephone script, and trained our call centre agents on the clients’ service and the script they would use.

After receiving the business cards by courier we were able to convert them into a soft copy list, upload them on our cloud-based CRM dashboard and segment them based on the target market we had defined. We then launched a customized telemarketing campaign with the goal of setting up meetings for our client. Each of our agents were able to call at least fifty contacts a day.

Despite some of the cards being more than five years old, almost twenty percent of those called accepted a business meeting and in three days we had enough meetings set up for one month for ourclient. We followed this up by calling each prospect on the day of the meeting to confirm it. Our client was able to start closing deals before the month was over.

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