Our client, an innovative financial services entrepreneur was facing a challenge of explosive growth. His web based lending platform was attracting hordes of new users but because his service was new he was spending a large part of his day answering technical questions on how it worked. He had not anticipated how fast his service would grow and had indicated his personal number as the contact number. This was now affecting his ability to deliver as he was constantly on the phone. Another problem is that several people could call at once and he would find too many missed calls that he was unable to return.

We sat with our client and reviewed the nature of questions he was asked and realized that 80% of the callers would ask one of five similar questions. We then recorded preemptive answers to these top questions and also captured comprehensive answers to all other questions. We set up a unique support line for our client that he could now direct the calls to.

When our client’s customers called they would first listen to the professionally recorded answers, which lasted for less than two minutes. If not satisfied, they could then be directed to one of our call centre agents to handle the nature of their inquiry.

The service was up and running in two days and by assigning five agents to handle the calls it was possible to receive 100% of the calls. In addition, by preempting responses and having recorded answers it was able to satisfy 70% of the callers within the first minute of their call, before even speaking to the agent. An SMS sent to the caller immediately after the call ended recorded 93% satisfaction rates among the callers.

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