Our client an event organizer is usually contracted to host large events by their customers. Over several years our client has accumulated a large database of loyal attendees for their events. To help plan the logistics of the events, our client requires confirmation of the possible numbers of attendees. Our client has in the past been using bulk SMS to quickly contact the over 3000 members in their database. However after sending out the SMS, our client has no way of confirming who is likely to attend and using that specifically target those interested.

We reviewed past data and determined that most of the people contacted fell into three categories: Yes, Maybe and No, with 20% in the YES/MAYBE two categories. We then set up a campaign using our TANGAZA na EVA app. This comprised of a recorded voice message announcing the event and an IVR menu to choose Yes, No or Maybe. Those who picked Yes or Maybe would automatically be connected to our call centre agent for further details and payment instructions.

By assigning 20 agents to the campaign, we were able to make 100 bulk calls every five minutes and had completed calling, notifying and closing sales for the entire database within half a day. We managed to sell the Sh. 2,000 ticket to 60 of their customers that moring alone with more promising to buy in the next few days.

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