Our client had started a law firm where he was the only partner. To keep his costs low, he did not have an office assistant and handled all telephone calls and client visits on his own. He started encountering challenges once his court schedule became busy. When in court on most mornings he had to switch off his phone as per court rules. However, this is when most of his prospective customers would try and reach him. The busier he got with long term engagements, the fewer new customers he was getting. This put extra pressure on his cash flow and made it even less likely to hire an assistant. He needed to find an urgent solution that would allow his business to grow without strain.

We sat with our client and determined that his most pressing need was someone to help him professionally handle incoming calls, take messages and share these. He didn’t have much to spend yet still needed the highest quality service.

Through our network of thousands of EVAs we recruited a retired government secretary who was ready to answer calls for a few hours every morning. Our client simply diverted his calls to our call centre line and could relax in the comfort that all his calls were answered. The setup for the service and monthly running costs were less than KSh.5,000 and our client has managed to contract several new customers keep his costs low, while still maintaining a professional image of his law firm.

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