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Changa na EVA

Solicit donations for your organization or cause.

from KES 1,000

Dai na EVA

Remind debtors of outstanding debt and request for payment

from KES 500

Tunza na EVA

Build Customer Relationships and increase their loyalty.

from KES 1,000

Tafiti na EVA

Research the market and make better products

from KES 1,000

Uza Na EVA

Sell your products and services to new and existing customers.

from KES 1,500

Julisha na EVA

Notify your customers about events, products or services.

from KES 500

Pigia EVA

Receive sales inquiries, resolve customer issues, personal assistant.

from KES 1,000

Uliza na EVA

Find key information, update and enrich your customer database.

from KES 500