1. Choose a Product

Select the kind of assistance you want for your business and place order.

2. Hire EVA

Choose an EVA based on academics, experience, language skills, and location.

3. Monitor Campaign

Listen to recorded calls and get real-time updates on EVA’s performance.

4. Release payment

Authorize payment to EVA only when you are satisfied with work.

Frequently Asked Questions by Business Owners

  • Who is EVA?

    EVA stands for Executive Virtual Assistants. Every EVA is a highly trained professional who has undergone extensive telesales training. Training covers both theory and practical skills. Every EVA is able to provide high quality, personalized service to your customers.
  • How do you charge?

    To use EVA, simply buy EVA airtime for your account using our easy to pay options. For every call made on your behalf, we charge a per-second rate, meaning that you pay only for the amount of time the EVA is on the phone working for you.
  • What if it doesn't work?

    Our easy to use website gives you the ability to monitor and approve work in real time. If you are unhappy with the work, you can let your EVA know or you can request for a refund for the work in question.
  • Is my customer information safe?

    Our website is encrypted with the highest grade technology and we regularly back up your data. Also, the EVA never sees the email or telephone numbers of your customers which remains private and confidential, they can only Click a button to contact them through our website, and this is recorded automatically.
  • How do I know what the EVA is doing?

    We record every SMS, every Call and every Email the EVA sends in real time. This allows you to monitor what the EVA is doing from any phone, tablet or computer. This gives you better control of your business
  • How exactly do you contact my customers?

    First of all we agree on the steps you want us to follow to contact your customer and the exact words you want us to use. This can include initial calls, follow up calls, emails and SMS. We call this your campaign. Your EVA will then follow these steps for each and every customer in your campaign. You can have multiple different campaigns for different customers running at the same time.
  • What other information do you collect?

    With our direct contact with customers and trained professions we can gather market intelligence during the calls. By capturing the needs and desires of the customer, we help you stay stay ahead of both competition and the customer and improve your products.
  • Where do you get EVAs?

    EVAs apply on our website and undergo training and interviews before they can bid for your job. A large part of the EVA work force are vulnerable groups such as single mothers and persons with disabilities. When you use the EVA service, you will be positively impacting these groups.
  • Where is your company based?

    We are located at Suite 207, Madonna House, 3 Westlands Road, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
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